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Weapons used: Photoshop and Experience Design

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Flow 1

Portfolio prototype

Project description: As my first project i had to make a markup / prototype of what my dream portfolio would look like. The overall idea behind the project was to give me an understanding of the concept of a portfolio as well as how a portfolio is used as a tool of communication to future employer.

My design: I went for a simple yet proffesional design, and here is the result:

Photo of the project

To see prototype click

Redesign: Is the website that you are using right now!


Photoshop: At the start of the semester we were introduced to the basics of photoshop, however i was already self taught in photoshop and had some experience with it. I used this program to resize and crop images and to make all the projects i put in it.

Experience Design To be able to do make this project i was introduced for the first time to Experience Design which I used to create a simple interactive click-through prototype. At the end of the project i had mastered the capability of Experience Design.

portfolio item

portfolio website

Weapons used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS and Jquery.

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Flow 2

Portfolio Website

Project description:

Now it's time to implement a working online version of your portfolio in the form of a website that you develop from scratch using HTML and CSS. Use your prototype as a presentation - Perhaps you get close to the first draft, maybe your project takes a new and unexpected creative direction?

My design: I went straight into coding the website, however I started to dislike the prototype and made a whole different version which at the end was a way better design. Here is the result:

Photo of the project

To see the website click

Redesign: As a redesign for the portfolio and my old website, I have created this website from scratch!


Html: In this flow I was introduced to Hypertext Markup Language which is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications. This was very exciting and caught my interest straight away. After learning the basics I got this project and had to put it straight into use.

CSS: I was also taught Cascading Style Sheets which is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language. This allowed me to make the website look good.

JQuery: We weren't taught JQuery, but i found a script online which made the smooth scrolling possible.

portfolio item

SWEETBOT website

Weapons used: Photoshop, Illustaitor, Experience Design and HTML/CSS

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Flow 4

Responsive Website

Project description: In this flow, together with your group, you will develop a responsive website (prototype) for the fictional web-development company Sweetbot. With the help of the web agency's step-by-step style guide, you and your team members should make suggestions for the company's online presence, including bidding on visual elements as well as information architecture.During the flow, you must work in a team of 3 students.

Original Design

Photo of the project

See the original design here

Redesign: Photo of the project

To see the the full redesgin click"


Html: Now this was the second project using Html so everything went a bit more smoothly this time.

Css:For this project we were introduced to media queries which was a big part of the project as the website had to be quiries idea is Instead of looking for a type of device, they look at the capability of the device. Media queries can be used to check many things, such as: width and height of the viewport.

Jquery: At the start we were introduced to JQuery which is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is free, open-source software. For this project we added smooth scrolling when clicking on things in the navigation bar.

portfolio item

Portfolio Redesign

Weapons used: Photoshop, Illustaitor, Experience Design, HTML/CSS and JS/JQuery

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Flow 5

Portfolio Redesign

Project description:The purpose of the portfolio is to present and document your professional level and show your professional development as well Make yourself aware of what you have worked with and what you have learned. The final exam project on the 1st semester has two focus area:

  1. Complete redesign of your portfolio
  2. Updating the Portfolio Content

See full project description in danish here

Website prototype:

Photo of the project

First website

Photo of the project

This website

Photo of the project


Photoshop: Used photoshop to scale all the images and also to fix them as well as creating the color of the background image.

Experience Design: Used it to showcase some of the redesigns. At this point this program only has limits for me and makes me feel i have to move on to another program.

Html: I got a better understanding of html and how to make the markup and I probably took the biggest leap in html in this project as it was a lot of coding at the i end I felt my self starting to really understand it and coding faster.

CSS: Learned how to use grid which was groundbreaking for me and helped me alot with this project as its makes it easier to create responsive websites I also got a better understanding of CSS transition.

JQuery/JS: Is really something I see i would like to master at some point. I used it to create the smooth scrolling the hamburger menu and also the skill bar.

Illustrator: Used this to create my logo but at the end I didn't think it was necessary for the website, I might implement it later or for when I redesign it again.

See the full design process here


A Picture of Bjartur Kristjansson


I am Bjartur Kristjánsson, a 21 year old Icelandic designer who is studying multimedia design at Cphbusiness in Denmark.

I do not have a lot of professional experience but I'm a really fast learner and one of the most motivated person you will find in this area and I love to create something new and different.

If you are interested in a multimedia designer intern Start of 2019, you are more than welcome to send me an email. Contact here.

CV here


Sony Vegas

Currently seeking intership start of 2019

if you have any interesting opportunities, get in touch!

Copenhagen, Danmark

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